Why Side Sleepers Develop Bodily Pains More Often as Compared to the Back Sleeper?

Though side sleeping is the most common sleeping posture people use and it is unintentional as well. People sleep in a way that feels comfortable to them and they always try to keep their body in a relaxed manner that lets them sleep while resting the whole body in the desired position. But when you sleep, it is somewhat unintentional to move your body or relax in a certain way during sleep as you are not consciously moving during sleep. Because you just want to relax and whichever posture suits you, you will go for it and get a cozy and relaxed sleep.

mattresses for side sleeper

But still, you may intentionally select your sleep posture when going to bed whether you feel relaxed on your back or lying on one side of your body.

So if you choose to lie on one side of your body you are said to be a side sleeper. And side sleepers enjoy sleeping and relaxing on one side of their body. But sometimes when you don’t turn after some time and keep the same posture for the whole night, you must be developing a certain level of pressure on the muscles on your backs, neck, and the shoulders as well.


Abiding Faith – Gold Christian Cross Necklace

Your Abiding Faith should be celebrated and what better way than with a beautiful golden filigree cross. The antiqued gold-finish (gold-plate over brass) cross pendant has sparkling Swarovski crystals in deep emerald, dark topaz and spring peridot.

Abiding Faith - Gold Christian Cross Necklace

Betty took these colors and continued them with larger Swarovski bicone-shaped crystals and light emerald firepolished beads from the Czech Republic. This glowing handmade necklace is completed with a heart and key gold-filled toggle clasp, as a reminder of the depths in which faith resides.

The matching gold-plated leverback chandelier earrings dangle 2 1/4 inches.

The Abiding Faith filigree cross measures 1 1/4 inches and the necklace strand measures 17 inches.

You’ll receive this bracelet in our signature purple eco-friendly gift box for convenient gift-giving or storage.

I’m looking for lead-free jewelry for a granddaughter. Do you offer lead-free items?

Yes, we do for children 6 and over. (Artisan jewelry often cannot handle the use and abuse from a younger child.) All jewelry items which we list under Special People – Children are made from carefully selected lead-free components purchased materials from reputable U.S. sources that guarantee lead-free content.

Other handmade items listed throughout the Rose of Sharon Jewelry site may have components purchased before the increased vigilance by jewelry manufacturers for lead content. Therefore, we do not recommend these for children. 

PLEASE NOTE: Many common jewelry components have a minute amount of lead content- such as Swarovski® crystals. These are certified as safe for wear and do not pose any health hazard. For additional information, see our detailed article on Jewelry Safety. 

Care & Cleaning Jewelry

Can I use my ultrasonic cleaner on handmade jewelry?

While it may be possible with some designs, we do not recommend anything except gentle hand washing.  Unlike mass-produced jewelry where components are typically machine-made in bulk – artisan jewelry uses a wider variety of materials from varying sources around the world within a single design. Our unique jewelry typically is comprised of components with differing care needs.

What if I damage my necklace when cleaning it?

Included in every order are detailed care instructions to avoid cleaning damage. We do not guarantee your Rose of Sharon Jewelry against damage that occurs during cleaning such as soaking, chemical cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners or from improper storage.

If you do damage your Rose of Sharon Jewelry, save all components and send us a note with all the “dirty” details. We’ll do our best to help you with a satisfactory repair.

How should I clean my Rose of Sharon Jewelry with silver?

The first step is to prevent oxidation. When air and silver meet oxidation occurs and your jewelry becomes tarnished (dull to dark). Store your silver pieces in plastic bags (seal part way and push out the air before totally sealing) and store in a dark place. Silk pouches and other cloth bags will also work. Include a swatch of silver anti-oxidation paper in each bag for additional protection.

Silver anti-tarnish papers and polishing (rouge) cloths are safe; however, silver dips, pastes and creams (chemical treatments) and the old aluminum foil trick can be hazardous to pearls and other porous materials.

WARNING:  Be very gentle when cleaning antiqued, Bali or other deliberately darkened silver. Aggressive cleaning will remove the desired patina.