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Mood for Love - White Pearl and Lilac Crystal Necklace
Mood for Love - White Pearl and Lilac Crystal Necklace
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About the Rose of Sharon Family of Artists

Our beloved Granny (Jennie of Rose of Sharon Jewelry) has passed away after 96 wonderful years on May 5th. She will be dearly missed and always remembered.

You'll find the work of four generations of women here - our ages range from a savvy 27 to a young 95! Our day jobs may be in an office, at a keyboard or in the garden - but you'll see how we express our passions through our beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches.


"If you could only see my craft rooms - yes I said rooms! Who could resist making jewelry, once I started seeing all those beautiful beads? I've also started cutting my own cabochons to work with."  - Betty

Betty is a lifelong crafter and artist - you name it she has done it from painting to tatting. Currently her passion is genealogy, gardening and sewing doll clothes for charity. Betty's bee logo can be found on her ceramic creations too. Betty's design work incorporates her knitting and crocheting skills. You'll also see traditional touches that never go out of style!


"I love pink and crystals so I wear a lot of both. I am excited about creating a new line of wedding jewelry for you. Since my wedding where I wore pieces created just for me by my new mother-in-law Sharon, Aunt Sandra and Grandma Betty, I have been thinking about how I can create treasured heirlooms for other brides."  - Dawn

Dawn is the newest member of the Rose of Sharon Jewelry family and. For the past four years, she has been wearing our jewelry to parties, reunions and her wedding with Sharon's son, Josh. Not wanting to miss out on all the fun, Dawn is currently designing her first line of wedding jewelry filled with the sparkle of Swarovski crystal that reflects the tastes of today's brides. Dawn's other creative interests include drawing, painting, crafts and cooking.


"My best friend, LeAnne was interested in glass bead making and wirework so we took classes together. We often work together to create an individual piece - two different artistic points-of-view makes for some very original creations." - Dena

Dena expresses her creative spirit through her use of precious metals wrapped around hand-cut and polished cabochons. Her very personal wirework can be seen in her own line and incorporated in jewelry created by other Rose of Sharon artisans. Living in sunny Southern California, Dena creates pieces that are perfect complements to the latest fashion trends.


"Just hand me some beads and I'll make it." - Jennie (Mother to Betty, Granny to Sharon and Olivia and Great-Granny to Sarah)

95-years-young and still going strong - Jennie loves working with her hands. Whether she is creating one-of-a-kind watches or hand-sewing a colorful "just for you" quilt. She's great at taking over when that a particular piece isn't coming out just right since she has tons of patience.


 "I've got the bug - I enjoy working with glass, wire and now silver clay. Experimenting with various mediums seems to keep the creative juices flowing. Dena and I often collaborate which can be a great deal of fun!" - LeAnne

Nothing says look at me - I'm unique like a handmade glass bead or silver component. Working along side Dena to create intricate wired pieces or designing her own creations, LeAnne's creative spirit really soars. LeAnne dabbles in glass bead making, art clay and other mediums.


"I come from a very creative family so expressing myself artistically comes naturally to me. For example, I use my quilting experience in combining textures and colors when I create my signature pieces." - Olivia

Olivia has a natural eye for color and design. Her artistic talents include quilting and painting. Her ability to transform ordinary beads into artwork gives customers plenty to ooh and aah over. Olivia is willing to take on the challenges of weaving tiny beads into dynamic pieces. You won't see a lot of her work here but when you do - grab it fast as you'll want to own these original pieces of wearable art!

Check out Olivia's other creative endeavors at

Sandra Lee

"I absolutely love jewelry and have collected antique pieces for years. Now I create pieces that will be tomorrow's collectibles." - Sandra

Sandra spent many years as an estate sale and antique dealer in Rochester, NY. She can spot a great buy from 20 paces and is our vintage expert. As a collector of elegant Oriental and Western antiques and art pieces, you'll see these influences in her work. Sandra has a real flare for fashion and you'll see bold colors and images in her jewelry.


"I just love gemstones." - Sarah

Obsessed with gems (thanks to late nights glued to QVC and HSN), night owl Sarah has found a great way to combine this love with her need to create! If gems are involved or the color purple - you can bet Sarah had something to do with it. You can NEVER go wrong with buying or wearing gems.


"My jewelry designs are influenced by the beauty within my own colorful garden.  I often spend more time selecting just the right colors, sizes and silver accents than I do in assembling the final piece. I love making jewelry for others so I decided to join forces with my wildly creative family and friends to create Rose of Sharon Jewelry." - Sharon

Sharon was destined to love flowers as she was named after the Song of Solomon verse, "I am the Rose of Sharon..."  A certified Master Gardener, gourmet cook, freelance writer and bead lover, Sharon's bold and bright beaded designs along with her creative prose can be found throughout the site.

Visit Sharon's freelance writer portfolio at .


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