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Beautiful Adornments for Extraordinary Women by Extraordinary Women
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Handmade Anklets from the women of Rose of Sharon Jewelry
Handmade Anklets from the women of Rose of Sharon Jewelry
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Learn About Necklace Lengths

How Long Should I Go?

Through the years, various necklace lengths have become "standard". But these are set lengths are really just a guide so you know what you are purchasing. The actual length of a finished necklace may be slightly more or less based upon the specific size of an element. Beads (especially the more natural, organic shapes) and clasps may not measure out exactly 16 inches.

Throughout the Rose of Sharon Jewelry site, we list lengths such as 17 ½ inches. This measurement comes from opening up the necklace and going from clasp half to clasp half. Depending up the type of clasp, the actual end-to-end length will vary. For a necklace which fits a bit too snug or needs a little length to fit a neckline, purchase a necklace extender.

necklace lengthsThe specific length(s)should be based upon your height, body shape, clothing style and lifestyle.

If you are petite, select shorter lengths to avoid making you appear child-like.

Taller women can easily carry multiple stranded ropes and chunkier chest-covering designs.

Choker and prince lengths are the most common for collared shirts that are worn open at the neck.

Try mixing necklaces of various lengths (or buy a unique multi-stranded, multi-length necklace from a Rose of Sharon Jewelry artist.

Uncertain What Length to Purchase?

Measure your favorite necklace and buy nearest length listed for your favorite necklace from Rose of Sharon Jewelry.

 Want a different length but are uncertain what to buy? Put on the outfit you are trying to coordinate with; then take a heavy string and cut various lengths until you find the best one. Measure the string and order accordingly.

Common Necklace Length Terms

  • Choker - necklace (about 16 inches) that fits close to your neck. Suitable for formal and casual attire.
  • Princess - necklace (about 18 inches) longer than choker.
  • Matinee - necklace (about 22 inches) length common for casual day wear.
  • Opera - necklace (about 30 - 32 inches) length common for formal wear. Often double strands.
  • Rope - necklace (40 inches or longer) that can be knotted or double wrapped around neck. Multiple strands are very common.


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