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Share Your Creative Habits

Tweet Pin It Creative habits nurture your life & heart’s desire. Daily creative thinking & actions flex your creative mind & muscles (hearts, hands or whatever body part you need). I’m posting a daily log, What I Did Creative Yesterday. Share your #createdaily update at @slfullen or @rosjewelry,  at the Rose of Sharon Jewelry Facebook or […]

150 Ways to Call Yourself Creative

Tweet Pin It What we call ourselves is important. I am a writer – took me years to feel comfortable with that title. As part of my creativity series, here are 101 role titles you might use to describe yourself to others. Perhaps one or two (hopefully more) will start you thinking about how creative […]

Orion’s Creative Solution to Grandma’s “No Writing on the Walls” Rule

Tweet Pin It My adorable 6-year-old grandson, Orion, took Grandma’s warning into account so he wrote his name (albeit written backwards)  on copy paper and pasted it to my office wall. A very creative solution and a great way to make Grandma smile every time she sees it. This is the photo that I couldn’t […]

Becoming Creative with a Capital C

Tweet Pin It Take 1 Open Heart, add Creativity, sprinkle in Passion and you’ll get a mighty powerful Solution. As a late blooming creative person (or so I thought), I have personally experienced the power of this formula. I know – you’re saying “But I’m not creative at all. I’m an accountant and creativity in […]

Save Play In your Neighborhood and Win $10K Grant: Wealthy Wednesday

Tweet Pin It Play is a critical part of building a wealthy and healthy life. $ is tight in most communities but you could win a $10k grant to improve a local park! As a creative person and advocate for increasing creativity, emotional health and wellness, I believe that play is critical to everyone from […]

64 Ways to Create Today: Wealthy Wednesday

Tweet Pin It I’ve got 64 ways to be creative today. A colorful box of Crayola® Crayons! Coloring isn’t only for kids – it’s also a great way to unwind.  Today I want you to color – inside or outside the lines! The treasured 64-count box with the built-in sharpener is a beloved memory. Introduced […]

Want To Ward Off Depression? Try A New Craft

Tweet Pin It A recent Scientific Mind article pondered reasons why depression has increased in the Baby Boomer and younger generations. It seems that moving away from work activities that engage the hands and mind plus result in a tangible reward may be a cause.  And one potential “treatment” may be crafting! In the not […]

What Do You Call Yourself?

Tweet Pin It The “creative title” you give yourself tells a story. Words set an image and affect how potential customers approach you. When introducing yourself, how do you describe yourself and your  creative work? Do you say you’re a busy Mom trying to earn some extra money, a Artisan with original work, a single […]

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