About Sharon

Just a bit about me – freelance writer, published author, jewelry artisan and Grandma! I’m the managing partner and namesake of Rose of Sharon Jewelry.

I live in a golf resort community in Sparks, NV(3 blocks from my son’s family). Hubby Arden and I have been married almost 35-years! Nothing better than loving your best friend.


Hey! Watch out for that flash.

Life is centered around family and nurturing creativity. Most of my writing is business-based but I also enjoy writing lifestyle articles (check out my portfolio at Writes-a-Lot). About 5 years ago, I started designing and creating jewelry for family and friends. I quickly realized that jewelry-making taps into a different creative vein and provides me with new and exciting challenges.

Since I was always dreaming of beads and new necklace designs, it was obvious that handmade jewelry should become my primary career. Before I could say Rose of Sharon Jewelry, my extended family decided it would be great fun to join me. From my 30-year-old niece to my dear Granny who beaded until she passed away at 95 – talent is in abundance in my family. What a joy to be sharing the power of creation with the people I love – and you! Rose of Sharon Jewelry is now an active family business featuring over 375 years of combined artistic talent!



Grandma and Orion gardening

Orion loves to garden.

Grandma – hearing that name – is like being hugged. I have three great grandsons who are so much fun. Hunter is 15, athletic and popular with the girls. He loves computer/video games and is a championship Halo leader. The twins, Kael and Orion are 6-years-old and loving kindergarten! What a joy they are – our lives are filled with laughter and adventure. Watch for pictures!








I could go on forever here – but instead why don’t you wander through the Rose of Sharon Jewelry blog and store. Please take time to comment as I’d love to hear your thoughts about life, love, grandkids, creativity, writing and of course, JEWELRY!

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