What Did Creative Thing Did You Do Yesterday?

Catching up with my creativity log after a long Father’s Day Weekend.

Friday – June 15th

Planned out a new look for this blog. Am going to use the Thesis framework which which should end time wasting technical issues. Time saved is more time to make jewelry!

Nikon S6300 Coolpix

Got a new Nikon Coolpix point and shoot with a great telephoto lens. Takes 6 pics a second and it fits in my pocket. Don’t you just love the blue?

Saturday – June 16th

Traveled with family to Vallejo, CA for our Discovery Kingdom adventure. Making memories is absolutely a creative adventure! Memories are deep wells of emotions just waiting for creative reinterpretations. Twins are excited to be bunking with Papa and Grandma.

Sunday – June 17th

At the park when it opens! Kael wants to be sure to go see “Daddy’s cousin” a.k.a. the monkey. The butterfly exhibit delights everyone and I soak in their grace and beauty! Kiddy rides are my speed so we get to go on our favorites over and over again. Best ride was the water raft where Papa and I got soaking wet. The twins screamed with delight that Papa got hit in the face with a water gun. Got some pictures to capture the memories.

Monday – June 18th

Traveling back over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Stopped to stretch our legs when Kael announced that “look we’re where Yogi Bear lives!” Yep, we sure are! Beautiful quaking aspens, winding Yuba River and warm sun rays. We’ll be coming back here later in the Summer to get our feet wet!

Tuesday – June 19th

Installed WordPress on my Mac to start design and testing of the new blog! Learning a lot along the way. One of my creative talents is the ability to teach myself so I just find the best instructions and jump right in! Creativity requires that you jump right in with a sense of fearlessness! Find something that intimidates you and challenge yourself to give it a try. What have you got to lose but your unfounded fears. Enjoy the process and you could surprise yourself with the results.

Wednesday – June 20th

Wow! I didn’t know I would be so good at creating a Thesis based blog! Am steaming along nicely – learning new tricks along the way. Great support community.