Stephen King Shares His Creative Wisdom

Stephen King never stops writing. It seems like he has at least 2 doorstop sized books every year! And this has gone on for decades. How does he do it? The answer is in his book, On Writing. stephen_king

I urge everyone to read or listen his self-narrated version of book. Even if you aren’t writer or a fan, you will learn plenty about creative passion, drive and commitment from King.

In 2010, the 10th anniversary edition was released with additional information on his nearly fatal accident in 1999 and more.

On Writing is a relaxed memoir that teaches as he tells of his passions and how they became the root of his prolific career. You will learn about the craft of writing but his reality-based wisdom translates into any creative pursuit you may want to undertake.

Listening to a Master

I highly recommend the audio version of On Writing. It was a wonderful listening experience. The audio version is read by King who occasionally tosses in a mild curse word or varies from the printed matter to clarify a point. He has a relaxed delivery that draws you into his life and teaches you by example how to find and nurture your passion and, I believe most importantly, how to seriously commitment yourself to your craft.

You’ll find On Writing by Stephen King at your favorite bookseller (see  Amazon for multiple formats).

If you have already read On Writing, I’d love to hear your comments (see the left column link called Comments) and if you haven’t – I challenge you to start it right now!