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Don’t Forget to Vote Today

Tweet Pin It Today 7 states plus a special election in AZ will to go the polls today.  Don’t forget to vote if you live in AR, ME, ND, SC, NV, VA, CO or the 8th Congressional Dist. in AZ where Gabby Giffords replacement will be selected. I’m off to work the election here in […]

Let Us Pledge Not To give In to Hate: MUST READ Editorial

Tweet Pin It Recently, Ben Stein shared his opinion on CBS on what made America great. In an age of raging political hatred, I urge you to read this post. I’m not typically a fan of conservative commentator Ben Stein’s opinions but this one rang so true that every American should memorize and pledge to […]

Get Ready to Vote: Your Voice is Needed

Tweet Pin It Election day is coming soon and I’d like to encourage everyone to vote. Depending upon your state, you can early vote, absentee vote or get your butt down to the polling place. Today, you need to pull out your voter’s pamphlet or find an trusted online source for non-partisan voter information such […]

May Peace Prevail: International Day of Peace

Tweet Pin It Today is the International Day of Peace. Peace – such a simple word but such a hard thing to achieve. Remember those who died while countries fought, tribal leaders burned villages, Americans dropped bombs and troops marched through the streets. May Peace Prevail! Individually we seem to be so helpless but it […]

Power to the People: A Lesson from Bell

Tweet Pin It Bell, CA citizens  discovered their city officials earned up to 10x the average citizen’s salary. Citizens demanded a change and got it! This small Southern California city is filled with hard-working blue collar families barely making it in a high-cost California economy. The average salary is about $32,000. That’s considered low-income in […]