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What Did Creative Thing Did You Do Yesterday?

Tweet Pin It Catching up with my creativity log after a long Father’s Day Weekend. Friday – June 15th Planned out a new look for this blog. Am going to use the Thesis framework which which should end time wasting technical issues. Time saved is more time to make jewelry! Got a new Nikon Coolpix […]

What Did You Do Creative Yesterday?

Tweet Pin It Thurs. 6/14 I’ve decided to call wrestling with a blog tech issue creative and I had the time of my life. LOL Actually the best creative action yesterday was a long walk early in the a.m. where I really looked at all the different colors of green there are in nature. I […]

Share Your Comments

Tweet Pin It Join the Conversation Today. Don’t forget to share your comments on posts that touch, inspire, teach, anger or make you laugh. You’ll find the link in the left column. Tweet Pin It

5 Ways to Discover Your Creative Self

Tweet Pin It Not everyone was born with a specific creative talent; however, everyone can learn to open themselves up to creative thinking and creative action. Today’s post is not just for those who don’t think of themselves as being creative — it’s a good refresher for those who are in a rut or want […]

WordPress Issues

Tweet Pin It Dear Readers: After working on upgrading the blog, I just discovered an issue  that you’ll see with today’s post below. The picture is missing of Orion’s creative solution to not being able to write on my office wall.  It may take me a day or two to figure this one out. Being […]

A Year Away

Tweet Pin It Yes does time fly! 2011 just seemed to disappear. Yet it was filled with medical dramas, Zombies, family woes and plenty of laughs. January started with Mom having a stroke on the 1st and brain surgery on the 2nd. Most of the year was filled with taking care of her and driving […]

Testing 1, 2, 3

Tweet Pin It Live Writer 2011 is awesome! I discovered this free Microsoft program when I started the Rose of Sharon Jewelry blog but this new version is a great improvement. In fact, I upgraded my PCs just to have Win 7 that the new version requires. This is my first official test post so […]

RSS Feed Issues: Feedburner Lost Nov. Posts

Tweet Pin It RSS feed subscribers: Stop by today for missing feed posts. Feedburner errors kept posts from 11/8 to yesterday from distribution. Tweet Pin It

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