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I am a jewelry artisan, freelance writer, author and Grandma living in Sparks, NV. The best part of living a creative life is you never forget how to play!

10 Tricks to Amaze Bored Kids (and Adults)

Tweet Pin It “Is it summer yet?” Yes, it is and your kids are probably already whining that there is nothing to do. I stumbled across this fun YouTube video called 10 Bets You’ll Never Lose and immediately thought how you can introduce magic and tricks to  those bored kids or just amaze your friends. […]

What Did Creative Thing Did You Do Yesterday?

Tweet Pin It Catching up with my creativity log after a long Father’s Day Weekend. Friday – June 15th Planned out a new look for this blog. Am going to use the Thesis framework which which should end time wasting technical issues. Time saved is more time to make jewelry! Got a new Nikon Coolpix […]

Stephen King Shares His Creative Wisdom

Tweet Pin It Stephen King never stops writing. It seems like he has at least 2 doorstop sized books every year! And this has gone on for decades. How does he do it? The answer is in his book, On Writing. I urge everyone to read or listen his self-narrated version of book. Even if […]

What Did You Do Creative Yesterday?

Tweet Pin It Thurs. 6/14 I’ve decided to call wrestling with a blog tech issue creative and I had the time of my life. LOL Actually the best creative action yesterday was a long walk early in the a.m. where I really looked at all the different colors of green there are in nature. I […]

Share Your Creative Habits

Tweet Pin It Creative habits nurture your life & heart’s desire. Daily creative thinking & actions flex your creative mind & muscles (hearts, hands or whatever body part you need). I’m posting a daily log, What I Did Creative Yesterday. Share your #createdaily update at @slfullen or @rosjewelry,  at the Rose of Sharon Jewelry Facebook or […]

Share Your Comments

Tweet Pin It Join the Conversation Today. Don’t forget to share your comments on posts that touch, inspire, teach, anger or make you laugh. You’ll find the link in the left column. Tweet Pin It

Don’t Forget to Vote Today

Tweet Pin It Today 7 states plus a special election in AZ will to go the polls today.  Don’t forget to vote if you live in AR, ME, ND, SC, NV, VA, CO or the 8th Congressional Dist. in AZ where Gabby Giffords replacement will be selected. I’m off to work the election here in […]

150 Ways to Call Yourself Creative

Tweet Pin It What we call ourselves is important. I am a writer – took me years to feel comfortable with that title. As part of my creativity series, here are 101 role titles you might use to describe yourself to others. Perhaps one or two (hopefully more) will start you thinking about how creative […]

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