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10 Tricks to Amaze Bored Kids (and Adults)

“Is it summer yet?” Yes, it is and your kids are probably already whining that there is nothing to do. I stumbled across this fun YouTube video called 10 Bets You’ll Never Lose and immediately thought how you can introduce magic and tricks to  those bored kids or just amaze your friends.

Have fun!

What Did Creative Thing Did You Do Yesterday?

Catching up with my creativity log after a long Father’s Day Weekend.

Friday – June 15th

Planned out a new look for this blog. Am going to use the Thesis framework which which should end time wasting technical issues. Time saved is more time to make jewelry!

Nikon S6300 Coolpix

Got a new Nikon Coolpix point and shoot with a great telephoto lens. Takes 6 pics a second and it fits in my pocket. Don’t you just love the blue?

Saturday – June 16th

Traveled with family to Vallejo, CA for our Discovery Kingdom adventure. Making memories is absolutely a creative adventure! Memories are deep wells of emotions just waiting for creative reinterpretations. Twins are excited to be bunking with Papa and Grandma.

Sunday – June 17th

At the park when it opens! Kael wants to be sure to go see “Daddy’s cousin” a.k.a. the monkey. The butterfly exhibit delights everyone and I soak in their grace and beauty! Kiddy rides are my speed so we get to go on our favorites over and over again. Best ride was the water raft where Papa and I got soaking wet. The twins screamed with delight that Papa got hit in the face with a water gun. Got some pictures to capture the memories.

Monday – June 18th

Traveling back over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Stopped to stretch our legs when Kael announced that “look we’re where Yogi Bear lives!” Yep, we sure are! Beautiful quaking aspens, winding Yuba River and warm sun rays. We’ll be coming back here later in the Summer to get our feet wet!

Tuesday – June 19th

Installed WordPress on my Mac to start design and testing of the new blog! Learning a lot along the way. One of my creative talents is the ability to teach myself so I just find the best instructions and jump right in! Creativity requires that you jump right in with a sense of fearlessness! Find something that intimidates you and challenge yourself to give it a try. What have you got to lose but your unfounded fears. Enjoy the process and you could surprise yourself with the results.

Wednesday – June 20th

Wow! I didn’t know I would be so good at creating a Thesis based blog! Am steaming along nicely – learning new tricks along the way. Great support community.


Stephen King Shares His Creative Wisdom

Stephen King never stops writing. It seems like he has at least 2 doorstop sized books every year! And this has gone on for decades. How does he do it? The answer is in his book, On Writing. stephen_king

I urge everyone to read or listen his self-narrated version of book. Even if you aren’t writer or a fan, you will learn plenty about creative passion, drive and commitment from King.

In 2010, the 10th anniversary edition was released with additional information on his nearly fatal accident in 1999 and more.

On Writing is a relaxed memoir that teaches as he tells of his passions and how they became the root of his prolific career. You will learn about the craft of writing but his reality-based wisdom translates into any creative pursuit you may want to undertake.

Listening to a Master

I highly recommend the audio version of On Writing. It was a wonderful listening experience. The audio version is read by King who occasionally tosses in a mild curse word or varies from the printed matter to clarify a point. He has a relaxed delivery that draws you into his life and teaches you by example how to find and nurture your passion and, I believe most importantly, how to seriously commitment yourself to your craft.

You’ll find On Writing by Stephen King at your favorite bookseller (see  Amazon for multiple formats).

If you have already read On Writing, I’d love to hear your comments (see the left column link called Comments) and if you haven’t – I challenge you to start it right now!

What Did You Do Creative Yesterday?

Thurs. 6/14

I’ve decided to call wrestling with a blog tech issue creative and I had the time of my life. LOL Actually the best creative action yesterday was a long walk early in the a.m. where I really looked at all the different colors of green there are in nature. I lost count after 50+ but it made me think about all the possibilities of working with green beads!

Today is another technical support work day! I’ll look for creative solutions and start designing a new blog theme based on the Genesis framework. Hopefully with less hassles than this one has been. It’s time to freshen this up and I’ve got some great plans.

Share Your Creative Habits

Creative habits nurture your life & heart’s desire. Daily creative thinking & actions flex your creative mind & muscles (hearts, hands or whatever body part you need). I’m posting a daily log, What I Did Creative Yesterday. Share your #createdaily update at @slfullen or @rosjewelry,  at the Rose of Sharon Jewelry Facebook or comment here (see left column for link).

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What I Did Creative Yesterday

Check the individual posts by date to read my log entries.

Wednesday – June 13

I spent yesterday working on the new blog theme, reading a new book on wire weaving and watched some YouTube videos on soldering silver.

Tuesday – June 12

I  spent the day helping my neighbors vote. A smile and a joke were my best tools.

Don’t Forget to Vote Today

Today 7 states plus a special election in AZ will to go the polls today.  Don’t forget to vote if you live in AR, ME, ND, SC, NV, VA, CO or the 8th Congressional Dist. in AZ where Gabby Giffords replacement will be selected.

I’m off to work the election here in Sparks, NV. Not the most exciting election day but still as always important.



150 Ways to Call Yourself Creative

What we call ourselves is important. I am a writer – took me years to feel comfortable with that title. As part of my creativity series, here are 101 role titles you might use to describe yourself to others. Perhaps one or two (hopefully more) will start you thinking about how creative you already are. These are in no particular order so read them all!

In upcoming series posts, we’ll explore how you are creative and how you can become more creative in your self-defined title.

101 Job & Life Roles Filled with Creativity

  1. Parent– the most creative job of all!
  2. Artist
  3. Designer
  4. Painter
  5. Gardener
  6. Community Organizer

    Creativity comes in many forms

    Creativity comes in many forms. Attitude makes a big difference.

  7. Philanthropist
  8. Volunteer
  9. Sculptor
  10. Winemaker
  11. Writer
  12. Musician
  13. Organizing Consultant
  14. Researcher
  15. Knitter
  16. Weaver
  17. Cheesemaker
  18. Game Designer
  19. Senior Center Manager
  20. Teacher
  21. Magician
  22. Journalist
  23. Scientist
  24. Explorer
  25. Sketch Artist
  26. Massage Therapist
  27. Landscaper
  28. Quilter
  29. Soapmaker
  30. Blogger
  31. Makeup Artist
  32. Counselor
  33. Comedy Writer
  34. Interior Decorator
  35. Model Builder
  36. Product  Evangelist
  37. Event Planner
  38. Actor
  39. Food Bank Administrator
  40. Architect
  41. Fashion Designer
  42. Home Stager
  43. Photographer
  44. Child Care Worker
  45. Museum Director
  46. Private Detective
  47. Web designer
  48. Furniture Maker
  49. Musical Director
  50. Pastry Chef
  51. Clown
  52. Opera Singer
  53. Home Party Associate
  54. Scrapbook Design Consultant
  55. Screenwriter
  56. Mime
  57. Creative Director
  58. Jewelry Artist
  59. Circus Performer
  60. Corporate “Play” Consultant
  61. Restaurant Owner
  62. Hair Stylist
  63. Electrical Engineer
  64. Child Advocate
  65. Potter
  66. Boat Builder
  67. Career Coach
  68. Tattoo Artist
  69. Curator
  70. Motivational Speaker
  71. Consultant
  72. Antique Dealer
  73. Cake Decorator
  74. Disney Imagineer
  75. Waterscapes Design Consultant
  76. Green Living Consultant
  77. Host/Hostess
  78. Glassblower
  79. PTA leader
  80. Bookstore Owner
  81. Life Coach
  82. Baker
  83. Cartoonist
  84. Home Office Designer
  85. Master of Ceremonies
  86. Image/Style Consultant
  87. Horse Trainer
  88. Florist
  89. Student
  90. Sports Coach
  91. Songwriter
  92. Comedienne
  93. After-school Program Director
  94. Programmer
  95. Cruise Director
  96. Nail Stylist
  97. Home Security Consultant
  98. Mentor
  99. Resume Writer
  100. Police Officer
  101. Lounge Singer
  102. Book Reviewer
  103. Concierges
  104. Set Designer
  105. Color Consultant
  106. Personal Branding Consultant
  107. Book Cover Designer
  108. Tailor
  109. Cabinet Maker
  110. Band Member
  111. Social Media Advisor
  112. Public Relations Expert
  113. Playground Director
  114. Construction Worker
  115. Travel Agent
  116. Personal Shopper
  117. Model Maker
  118. Foster Parent
  119. Grant Writer
  120. Window Dresser
  121. School Photographer
  122. Arborist
  123. Farmer
  124. Light Show Engineer
  125. Chemist
  126. Personal/Corporate Biographer
  127. Graphic Artist
  128. Headhunter
  129. Brewmaster
  130. Finish Carpenter
  131. Animator
  132. Inventor
  133. Entrepreneur
  134. Executive Assistant
  135. Soldier
  136. Personal Chef
  137. Performance Artist
  138. Fabric Designer
  139. Mediator
  140. Bed & Breakfast Owner
  141. Wood Carver
  142. Chef
  143. DJ
  144. TV Cameraperson
  145. Set painter
  146. Perfumer
  147. Video Producer
  148. Caterer
  149. Nanny
  150. Seamstress

I started writing this post intending to give you 101 creative titles but quickly I exceeded that and I could have gone on to 200 or more! As I brainstormed and expanded my definition of creating, I found so many opportunities to channel yourself creatively into work and life. I hope this list helps you think about how you can become a more creative person.



I’d love to hear your creative titles and how you proudly claim them. The comment link is in the left side column. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates or the RSS feed so you don’t miss many of this series.